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Our Company was established in the year 1989. We are involved in the import, marketing, sales and service of Electro Medical Equipment/Instrument and Surgical Disposable/Implants. Our success is our trained sales promotional staff capable of promoting at all levels of end users and specialists. We have our own trained and equipped engineering staff to provide efficient after sale services. Due to decade long of experience and services to the specialists and head of departments, we are enjoying a good repute and having close relationships with them. We have network of subsidiary branches at the different regions of Pakistan. Our firm participates very actively and regularly in all Medical/Surgical related Seminars and exhibitions of different specialties.


We are pioneer in providing Mobile Health Services in Pakistan and successfully operating six Mobile Health Units in rural areas of different districts of Punjab under supervision of Health Department, Govt. of The Punjab. Thousands of people of these areas are getting basis health facilities on their doorstep.


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