Burn Care and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Equipment

Electric Dermatome


Skin Graft Mesher / Skin Graft Mesher with MEEK Technology


Electric Drill Set with Dermabrader 


Electric Saw and Motorized Drill


K-Wire Driver Pneumatic


Humby Knives


Head Light with Magnifying Loupes


Maxillofacial Surgery Instrument Set


Plastic Surgery Instrument Set


Microsurgery Instrument Set


Fluidized Beds with Soda Lime Beads Bed


Special Lateral Tilt Beds with Mattress for Burn Patients


Bedside Enteral Feeding Pump


Negative Pressure Wound Healing System


Vascular Doppler System for Deep Burn Assessment


Handheld Doppler


Low Air Loss Mattress for Burn Patients


Height Adjustable Hygienic Chair


Hygienic Chair for Toilet


Rectangular Shaped Tub with panel, with Disinfection Shower tub, Tank Volume meter and Hydro Massage  


Dermal Regeneration Templates (Artificial Skin)


Skin Bank for Preservation of Human Skin as per International Standards